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Hacker Takes Over Webcam, Spies on Finnish BB-Beauty

Inka Tuominen

Inka Tuominen, familiar to viewers of Big Brother, was the victim of a serious attack by a computer hacker.

Inka Tuominen says that she received a surprising call from the police in which authorities reported that they captured a Internet hacker who had broken into Inka’s computer. The hacker had been able to access a computer which contained her photos. Additionally, he had gained access to the webcam on her computer and was able to follow what happened in front of Inka’s webcam via her home computer.

Inka believes that the hacker had seen her in her underwear or perhaps even naked because the camera was broadcasting even when Inka thought it was turned off.

“I go to the police station on Monday and then I get to see the web pictures that they found with him. The police told me that I was not the only victim of the hacker but, there were others.”, Inka tells the Voice.

Source & Image: Voice

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