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Gambling culture in Finland


Gambling culture lives strong in every Finnish family, where the highlight of the week is watching the lottery and on other days Finns gamble on hockey, horse racing and football. Anyone over 18 can play slot machines at kiosks, shopping malls and cruise ships and even play Blackjack at some of the local night clubs.…

Applying for Vocational Teacher Education


Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) invites applications for the Teacher Education College between 7−27 January in the new studyinfo.fi service. The application is targeted at adult professionals of various fields. Vocational Teacher Education can be completed in English in an international group. The teacher pedagogical studies make you qualified to teach your field in various educational…

Apple iMac Meets 20mm Finnish Anti-Tank Bullet

Apple iMac Meets 20mm Finnish Anti-Tank Bullet

Richard Ryan, the self-proclaimed “Tech Assassin,” regularly delights us with some epic footage captured while shooting up some of the technology industry’s most revered and celebrated gadgets. One of his more recent clips sees an Apple iMac come face to face with an anti-tank rifle, and even though the result is somewhat predictable, it’s easily…